Because of its many advantages, you can install the LED lights everywhere.  The examples below shed a clear light on the many specific applications.

Industrial and office space, schools and car parks.

Thanks to durability and low maintenance, LED lighting is the ideal solution for spaces such as industrial and office space, schools and car parks, or specifically spaces with high ceilings.

Agricultural sector

Agricultural applications for LED lighting include barn lighting, warehouse lighting, riding school lighting, terrain lighting. Users of LED lighting get points in the context of ‘Maatlat Duurzame Veehouderij‘.

Machine Shops

A LED light hardly becomes warm, and besides it is vibration and shock proof. This makes LED lighting ideal for spaces that must be cooled or for machine shops where heavy machinery causes vibrations.

Textile and food industry and museums

LED lighting is more suitable for the textile and food industry and for museums than traditional lighting, because LED lighting radiates no infrared and ultraviolet light.