The right balance between people, planet and profit

Innovation, corporate social responsibility, return and expertise are the four pillars of Go2Led, experts in LED lighting. We provide sustainable LED lighting solutions to corporate clients. Did you know that using LED lighting may save up to as much as 50 to 90% on energy costs and a proportional environmental cut on CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions? In short, the time is ripe for a sustainable purchase with a view to the right balance between people, planet and profit.

Innovation in LED lighting

Our many years of experience and intensive cooperation with producers in various Asian countries have lead to much research and development. The development of new possibilities in LED has not stagnated. And we follow. Our customers’ wishes with regard to light intensity, warmth of colour and technique in general have already resulted in various innovative solutions. Innovative solutions which can be delivered and installed quickly thanks to our short production line and our particularly efficient logistics process.

Return Improvement

We can contribute to your objective to improve your business return. LED lighting uses up to 90% less energy than a common incandescent bulb, and about half of what an economy lamp consumes. Your business easily realises a cost reduction of 50 to 90 per cent. In addition the long-lasting and durable quality of LED lighting reduces the replacement and maintenance costs considerably.

Corporate Social Responsibility

As a rule the choice for corporate and social responsibility implies the delivery of superior quality. This cannot be realised unless corporate and social responsibility is embedded in all business processes. From production right down to waste treatment. That is our way of working.

Recycling & CO2 Emission

As an environmentally-aware supplier we are naturally always on the lookout for the best recycling possible. We are an affiliated member of Wecycle, a major recycling organisation. In cooperation with Wecycle we see to it that used LED lights (99% recyclable; RoHS compliant), fittings and other materials are collected, transported and responsibly processed. Re-using these ‘clean’ materials, we contribute to relieving the environment and to reducing CO2 emission. Alternative energy sources and energy-saving devices, such as LED lighting, will result in a more economical use of fossil fuels and a reduction of CO2 emission: a positive effect on global warming.

Ecological Packaging

Environmental requirements increasingly determine packaging. For our LED lights we use as little packaging material as possible. Material which is moreover recyclable. This is for the benefit of the environment. However, the principal function of packaging, protection of the product during transport, must not be affected.

Production & Safety

All producers we work together with supply LED lighting which meets the legal criteria for environment, safety and light output. And usually more than that. All products comply with UL, Energy Star and EU safety standards, are CE-marked and RoHS compliant.

Quality Awareness

OliNo: lamp measurements leading to the right choice.
OliNo is a Dutch organisation specialised in carrying out lamp measurements. OliNo includes the real performance of each new LED lamp in our product range in a very detailed report. This enables us to advice you carefully in your choice of the right LED lighting. Moreover, it allows us to prove that our producers do as they promise.

Quality & Light Output

Go2Led means quality. The durable LED lighting we supply is insensitive to vibrations. The light is not any different from what you are used to. Most customers do not even notice the transition from the traditional fluorescent light to LED lighting. Although LED lamps save energy, their light output is equal or even larger. The current LED lamp gives some 80 per cent of its absorbed energy off in light. In the case of fluorescent and economy lamps the rate is some 35 per cent, and in the case of an incandescent bulb it is no more than 10 per cent. All other energy is given off in warmth.

Service & guarantee

As we are convinced of the quality of the LED lighting in our product range, thanks to the strict quality control, we issue a five-year guarantee. But of course something unexpected may happen to the LED light. In that event one phone call will suffice to receive replacement.